Capiceņos Appreciate PRRD Presidency
Written by Vincent Bigcas   
ROXAS CITY, Capiz (Aug. 19) – Local broadcast journalist Amy Almosa said that President Rodrigo R. Duterte is a divine intervention for Filipinos to make this country great again.
  “Our country is drowning with social problems but only President Duterte is brave enough to come out in the open tellingus  how huge the problem is and the need to overhaul the system,” she said.
“Of course the administration could not do it instantly” she stressed.
Gradually people are becoming confident of their safety and security because God gave us the President so brave and tough,” the 55 – year old freelance media practitioner who was once a victim of motor grabbing a few years back.
Recently, she took the rare opportunity to pose and talk with the President at Camp Gen. Macario C. Peralta, Jr. in Jamindan town.
For his part, a 44-year old web developer said that PRRD has laid down simple answers to the country’s problems during his first State of the Nation Address last July.
“I did not vote for him, but  I learned to love his sincerity. He speaks from the heart,” said the information technology practitioner who requested not to be identified by name.
Another Capiceño, an elected town official, conveyed his appreciation to PRRD because of his sincere intentions to bring change in the country during an informal talk with barangay officials and the  Philippine Information Agency staff.
“If not for Pres. Duterte, we do not know that illegal drugs have already penetrated to  the farthest barangay of our town,” he stressed, adding that even construction and farm workers admitted using illegal drugs as manifested in the Oplan Tokhang surrenderees. (JCM/AAL/PIA6 Capiz)