Men to Lead Drive vs. VAW
Provincial Administrator lawyer Jose O. Villanueva said that the men here through the newly-organized Men Opposed to Violence against women Everywhere (MOVE) CAPIZ will spearhead in the elimination of any and all forms of violence against women.

The MOVE Capiz will be launched in the province on September 25 at the Capiz Gymnasium with Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita J. Leonardo-De Castro as keynote speaker.

Villanueva, who is also the Provincial Gender and Development Focal Point System co-chairperson, said that the men here, through this group, will be the key players in the promotion of gender equality.

He admitted that there is a continuing struggle to promote gender development and women empowerment which is oftentimes associated with unequal power play between men and women due to patriarchal and masculine culture of the society.

“Though men are perceived to be the common perpetrators of violence against women, with proper motivation, they are the key players in eliminating any and all forms of VAW and promote gender equality,” he said.

Villanueva also stressed through this organization, men will become vehicleS of change towards gender development.

The launching event will be participated in by the different national and local government agencies, including the non-government, private and civic organizations in Capiz. (JCM/JBG/PIA6-Capiz)