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100 days after Yolanda Shows Capizeños’ Resilience, Strength PDF Print E-mail

In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), series of activities have been lined up to commemorate the 100 days after Yolanda to include the thanksgiving mass for life after the disaster, launching of the photo exhibit and the flag raising ceremony.

According to Provincial Administrator Jose O. Villanueva, who is the overall chairperson of the event, the photo-exhibit at the new mall in Roxas City, which will be launched on February 13, will showcase the Capiznon’s resiliency.

He said that the thanksgiving mass on Feb. 16 will be officiated by Capiz Archbishop Jose F. Advincula at  the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral and will be attended by key provincial officials together with local, international and private organizations.

Villanueva also said that the flag-raising ceremony in front of the provincial capitol on February 17 will be simultaneously done with various agencies in the municipalities and schools in the entire province here, with the message of Capiz Governor Victor Tanco to be read during the event.

He explained that the week-long activity envisions to promote resilience, strength and camaraderie among Capizeños especially in times of calamity and disaster.

On the other hand, Governor Tanco stressed that typhoon Yolanda was a great challenge, putting the Capizeños to longest fear and hardest test, yet the people have become victorious and survivors who are seen to standing still, united, harmonious and strong.

He said that the 100 days of commemorating Yolanda means a hundred days of sustained strength as people and 100 days of showing to the world and to the Philippine nation the Capizeños unwavering Filipino trait of resiliency and victory.

Tanco pointed out that the celebration is a thanksgiving and a looking forward with high hopes that God will bless every Capizeño home.

The chief executive likewise acknowledge and appreciate the help and the continuous help of everyone, particularly the employees of the provincial government, national government agencies, local government units throughout the country, international governments and non-government organizations worldwide.

Tanco also expressed his gratitude to all the private individuals, institutions and agencies that have been showing their faith and confidence that the Capizeños are people worthy of their help and assistance.

As he congratulated the people here for the job well done, Tanco also urged everyone to continue to support each other and stand up as one united province. (JCM/JBG/PIA6-Capiz)

- See more at: http://r06.pia.gov.ph/index.php?article=991392184949#sthash.uPxzbD4T.dpuf

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