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He stressed that the 190,000 domestic visitors in the province were among the 25.7 million Filipinos who are 15 years old and above who had travelled to any place in the country at the said time.

Dordas said that based on the survey which was undertaken in partnership with the Department of Tourism, of the 11.4 million households nationwide who received the domestic visitors, some 55.3 percent of said households received day visitors only and 19.1 percent had overnight visitors.He also said that results in the same survey revealed that Capiz was likewise included in the top 20 tourist destinations in the country during the same period in 2010.

On the other hand, records from the Capiz Provincial Tourist and Cultural Affairs Office (PTCAO) show that in 2012, the tourist arrivals in Capiz has reached 95,037. These include the 92,635 domestic tourists, some 2,402 international touristsaside from the 270,388 one-day visitors in the province during the said year.

According to the PTCAO report, the month of December was noted to have the highest number of visitors, followed by the month of April which is also the summer vacation time Recently, the provincial government of Capiz in partnership with the Department of Tourism has launched the voluntourism campaign “Tindog Capiz” after wrath from supertyphoon Yolanda which will also encourage tourists here and abroad to visit and help Capiz in its rehabilitation effort. (JCM/JBG/PIA6-Capiz)

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