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Roxas City Barangay Launches ‘Uga Festival’ PDF Print E-mail
“Uga” is the local term for dried fish.

Various dried fish–based menus include enselada, monggo with malunggay, la-ing, kare-kare, valenciana, spaghetti and carbonara, among others.

On top of the menus, were grilled fishes, varied fried dried fishes and shrimps that were also served in the free-for-all and eat-all-you-can session.

“From now on “Uga Festival” will be the official name of our barangay fiesta,” said Dumulog Punong Barangay Mario Artillero, as he thanked local mediamen for covering the event.

The launching of the festival also included a contest on dried fish art as well as fastest dried fish laying and opening of “uga talipapa” (dried fish market).

For his part, Roxas City Mayor Angel Alan Celino’s Executive Assistant and son Jericho Celino thanked the organizers for coming up with the idea to showcase the village’s major product through a festival.

“This truly supports Roxas City as the Seafood Capital of the country,” he noted.

The festival highlights on the feast day of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal every last Saturday of November.

Dumulog is known for its high quality dried fish production which is the primary livelihood of the residents. (JCM/AAL/PIA 6 Capiz)

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