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Ilonggos Now Live Longer PDF Print E-mail
In 2000, the life expectancy among Western Visayan men was just 65.5 years, and 71.8 years old for women. But after 10 years, this increased to 68 and 74, respectively, said Population Commission (Popcom) Regional Director Vicente Molejona.

The increased life expectancy can be due to the Ilonggos’ healthier lifestyle, he said.

Life expectancy among men and women in the region is even higher compared to the national age of 67.1 and 83.14, respectively, Molejona further said.

Likewise, women in Western Visayas have a longer lifespan “since they are able to express their pent up emotions.”

On the other hand, men get to live around 68 to 70 years old; many die early due to job-related incidents, such as working abroad and doing backbreaking jobs, Molejona said.

Still, this is higher than expected according to Popcom studies, he stressed. This is a big leap considering the changes in population and the health situation of the country, he noted.

Molejona also said more and more Ilonggos are getting better medical assistance, and that immunization has become more accessible.

Better education may have also played a part in the Ilonggos’ increased life expectancy, he added.

If the trend continues, more Ilonggos might well be able to live and surpass 75 years of age, Molejona said. (With a report from the Philippine News Agency/PN)
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