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  • Vision

    We envision Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings, Incorporated to be a provider of excellent and affordable products and services in its diverse business interests towards improving the quality of life of Filipinos.


  • Mission

    We aim to create an environment where our human resources can find personal and professional fulfillment centered on GOD, while balancing the needs of family and career, resulting in total customer satisfaction.


  • Our Companies

    The group of Sacred Heart of Jesus Prime Holdings Incorporated and its subsidiary companies - through Twin Hearts Realty - is the first to offer a wide selection of high-quality and affordable residential lots in Northern Panay Island for its clientele. Its real estate projects in Capiz and Aklan Provinces are located strategically in growth areas, and come complete with modern amenities at par with the world's best.

    In Roxas City, Capiz, "the Philippines' Seafood Capital", Twin Heart's Realty has been known since 1992 for residential projects that connote reliability, quality, and value-for-money.

    In Kalibo, Aklan, Twin Hearts Realty has brought to "the Ati-atihan Country" its fine reputation of excellent workmanship with the delivery of the province's first modern subdivision.

    Twin Hearts Realty, Pueblo de Panay Realty and its Global Services are marketing arms to its developers - SHJDC and PDPI, and its construction company - BCBI.  Altogether, with they form a powerhouse of professionalism and dedication to customers ... borne out of the Filipino's love for God and neighbour.  Capiz Development Foundation Incorporated is the conduit of the companies' Corporated Social Responsibility efforts.

    With its competent management, staff, and consultants, clients can expect value for its real estate products and services.

  • Contact Us
    Twin Hearts Realty - Roxas City

    Address:                   Hughes Street, Roxas City, 5800 Capiz
    Email:                        sales@mycapiz.com
    Phone:                      +63 36 6211124
    Phone-Facsimile:  +63 36 5221332
    Skype Address:      Twin Hearts Realty Roxas


    Twin Hearts Realty - Kalibo

    Address:                  Room 209, Waldolf Garcia Building, Osmena Avenue, Kalibo, 5600 Aklan
    Email:                       twinheartskalibo@mycapiz.com
    Phone:                     +63 36 2682995
    Phone-Facsimile: +63 36 5007840
    Skype Address:     Twin Hearts Realty Kalibo


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